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Strong Leaders

When you hear that less than 20% of employees play to their strengths every day at work, doesn’t it make you wonder, “Just what is the other 80% doing?”  Using their strengths occasionally?  Just getting by?  Playing to their weaknesses? 


What are the percentages in your organization?  How effective is your organization if less than one out of five employees is utilizing his or her strengths at work?  What might happen if you increased that percentage to 40% or 60% or even 100%!  Imagine the possibilities!


SageCoach helps you create strong leaders – in corporations, non-profits, and communities – leaders who discover and engage the strengths of the people they lead.  We work with organizations in three related arenas to build strengths and create a culture of strength:


For Organizations, we work seamlessly with your internal resources to:

For Individual Leaders, we offer:

For Teams, we facilitate:

  • Create a strengths-based culture

  • Design strength-based leadership competencies

  • Integrate strengths into your performance management & development system

  • Discover strengths in all your employees

  • Strength assessment and development

  • Strengths coaching

  • High impact leadership development

  • Work-life balance

  • Discovery of individual and team strengths

  • Maximizing team strengths

  • Strong Teams Workshops


“Andrea has the insight to discover, and the guts to articulate, the real issues.”
Martin Bean, Vice President, Sylvan Prometric


A Culture of Strength

There is a revolution underway in the workplace – a Strengths Revolution that is a new paradigm for the development, engagement, motivation, and inspiration of employees.  A rapidly growing constellation of organizations are intentionally shifting their cultures to be strengths-based, rejecting the negative, uninspiring, and, frankly, worn out weakness-based model.


Is your organization still obsessed with weakness?

SageCoach helps you make the cultural shift to employing strengths because we know when we discover and build strengths, we awaken people and engage the absolute best in them.

  • Strengths are vital to employee engagement.
  • Strengths are the foundation of inspired performance.
  • Strengths lead us to excellence. 

Improving upon our weaknesses simply moves us to mediocrity, not strength. 

“Charged with the responsibility to design and implement a leadership process that would ensure the success of FedEx Ground’s strategic initiatives, I sought an external partner who was strategic, customer service oriented, cost conscious, flexible, smart, fun, and adaptable. I found all these skills in working with SageCoach®.  It was, in my estimation, the perfect internal-external working relationship.”
Donna Billings, (former) Senior Manager – Training/Organization Development, FedEx Ground


Consulting firms with expertise and experience in building leaders, teams, and organizations that are truly strengths-based are few and far between.  Because SageCoach is a leader in strength application, as well as a recognized strength innovator and an early adopter of strengths, we have the experience and knowledge to work with you to build a strengths-based culture, and shift the internal processes that drive strengths in your organization:


  • Retaining top talent

  • Full individual engagement

  • Development (training, coaching, mentoring, competency modeling, succession planning, career management)

  • Staffing (recruiting, hiring, on-boarding)

  • Performance Management (planning, assessing, rewarding)

  • Team building

  • Leadership development

  • Work design



Strategic Leadership Development

If you are

  • challenged to retain and develop the leaders in your organization

  • a leader or HR professional building management and leadership competence in your organization

visit our Leadership Strategy Model We guide you in strategically building your organization's leadership capacity – and not just offering a training course or two.


"I am always grateful for Andrea’s determination to meet my needs as a client. She is a real pro with excellent workplace experience, perspective and knowledge. SageCoach provide great support to our performance …always relevant and applicable.”
Lois Vallerga, Vice President of Learning and Organization Development, St. Charles Medical Center



SageCoach creates strong and sagacious leaders who support and champion strengths-based organizations.  ALL our work is custom-designed to meet your unique needs.


Strengths.  The  most fun you can have while still being a roaring success.

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