Who am I?

Corporate Background

After-Mt-AlavaI’m Andrea Sigetich, President of SageCoach, and a recognized expert in management and leadership development.  I have the insight and demeanor of a sage leavened with a strong dose of animation. I bring over 40 years of solid international business experience in management and leadership development to my work as a coach to leaders and entrepreneurs.

I am sought by movers and shakers in Human Resources, C-level executives (CEO, COO, CFO, CLO, CTO … you get the idea!), leaders at all levels, and entrepreneurs in service-based business, especially coaches, consultants, and legal professionals. SageCoach’s corporate client list is extensive, and includes technology firms, financial services, hospitality, health care, transportation, and small service businesses.

Prior to opening SageCoach in 1997, I held senior leadership positions in Human Resources, Union Relations, Management Development, Employee Development, Organization Development, and Organization Communication at General Electric, Digital Equipment, and Novell.  I created and owned three entrepreneurial businesses.  


I earned a Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Human Resource Management from the University of Utah (summa cum laude).  I am a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with extensive study and training, and over 10,000 paid hours of client coaching.  I hold the Coaches Training Institute designation of Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC.)  I serve on the faculty of the Coaches Training Institute and formerly, Duquesne University.


I love life, and the great outdoors – especially the desert (which should be no surprise!)   I enthusiastically pursue hiking, kayaking, skiing, geocaching, and camping from my home in Bend, Oregon.  Also at home are a cat, Spenser, two very active Springer Spaniels, Josie and Charlie, my watercolor paints, and oodles of sage plants!

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