SageCoach, Inc.
Andrea Sigetich, President
Bend, Oregon

An Entrepreneur’s Trail Guide

A Sage Entrepreneur’s most salient question is:

“How do I get to be more of who I want to be in the world, and how do I get to do more of what I want to do in the world?”

The Sage Entrepreneur considers her whole life as she embarks upon her business adventure. The Sage Entrepreneur explores who he is, what he wants from life, and how his business can help him get there. An Entrepreneur’s Trail Guide is most useful before you open your business, and throughout those first few erratic y ears, when your self-confidence is tested way more often than your service.

An Entrepreneur’s Trail Guide does not replace your need for a business plan, a marketing strategy, excellent service, effective infrastructure. It precedes these building blocks. An Entrepreneur’s Trail Guide leads you through a journey of self-discovery, to establish a full and supportive foundation for your business. And for your life.