Why SageCoach?

… because my mission is to bring out the Sage in YOU!

What's in a name?

SageCoach is a name and a concept created from three sources:

  1. First and foremost, Sage refers to you, my client.  Our work together will illuminate your sagacity so that you make the most effective choices for your career and your life.
  2. Sage is a plant with healing qualities, and is prolific in the desert.  The deserts of the western United States in all their magnificence, agony, impact, and awesome quiet, are the inspiration behind the work of SageCoach.
  3. Finally, the word “Coach” reflects the central value at the core of how we work.  I don’t tell you what to do, I mine for your inner wisdom.  You and you alone hold the answers that are right for you.

SageCoach Foundational Pillars

Pillar One: NCRW

You are Naturally Creative, Resourceful, Whole (and Wise)!

Pillar Two:  The ONLY path is self-discovery

I will do anything for your self-discovery.  You know this is the only journey worth your time and effort.

Pillar Three:  It’s all about freedom of choice

You live by your own rules; you are an adventurer, willing to tread on un-trodden paths.  You are independent and yearn for freedom.  You take 110% responsibility for your life.  You have a sense that more is waiting for you, that there are unexplored worlds out there.  You refuse to live with “shoulds.”  I will challenge you to actively and passionately choose every moment of every day.

Pillar Four:  Live on all prongs of your fork

You are eager to integrate all the parts of you and live the full breadth of your life.  Instead of balance, which most coaches focus on, you choose to embrace all aspects of your life.

Pillar Five:  Forget weakness; maximize strengths

You have the courage, commitment and self-acceptance to use your strengths and ignore your weaknesses.  I help you find those strengths and make them BIG in your life.

Pillar Six:  There's always another possibility

You are optimistic and creative.  You always see other possibilities for yourself, and are willing to entertain even more possibilities and ideas.  I bring unceasing optimism and a sincere talent for generating yet another perspective.

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