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"My eyes are much more open to the learning … and to the choices in my life."

Ken Spangler, Vice President Information Technology, FedEx – Pittsburgh, PA

“Over 20 years Andrea was always there to gently suggest that I stop, take in oxygen, reestablish connectivity with my place in my world and myself.”

John Inglish, CEO (ret.) Utah Transit Authority and Director, WAVE

“Andrea has been my “Sage" for more than 15 years.”

Donna Billings, Author Coach & World Traveler

Andrea asks honest and hard questions, and awaits an answer without letting me be evasive.”

Leslie Burr, Director Fidelity Investments – Boston, Massachusetts

“Andrea’s coaching has been the 5000 lb. keel that has kept me upright and moving in the right direction.”

Sam House, President On-Target Coaching – Delmar, New York

"Since I began talking to Andrea, I have climbed mountains, traveled the world, developed reading habits, eliminated my debts, started and completed my MBA, and began to tackle some complex relationships that I’d been avoiding in my life. Thank you!!!”

Mike Indresano, Managing Director FedEx Ground – Kansas City

"Andrea has the unique ability to make me feel safe. She asks the right questions, pushes back with the right intensity, and does not let me get away with deluding myself. She makes me see things I want to change … but, even better, helps me see how to change."

Charlene Rynders, Vice President of Human Resources Salt Lake City, Utah

"With Andrea as my coach, I created an anchor - a clear picture of my potential future. That picture helps me choose what matters, and continuously live the balanced life I desire."

Lynn Stephens, Director of Organizational Learning Novell – Provo, Utah

An Entrepreneur’s Trail Guide

A Sage Entrepreneur’s most salient question is:

“How do I get to be more of who I want to be in the world, and how do I get to do more of what I want to do in the world?”

The Sage Entrepreneur considers her whole life as she embarks upon her business adventure. The Sage Entrepreneur explores who he is, what he wants from life, and how his business can help him get there. An Entrepreneur’s Trail Guide is most useful before you open your business, and throughout those first few erratic y ears, when your self-confidence is tested way more often than your service.

An Entrepreneur’s Trail Guide does not replace your need for a business plan, a marketing strategy, excellent service, effective infrastructure. It precedes these building blocks. An Entrepreneur’s Trail Guide work with your coach leads you through a journey of self-discovery, to establish a full and supportive foundation for your business. And for your life.