29 Gifts

Cami Walker | Nonfiction, 2009

226 pages


The author, Cami Walker, is diagnosed with MS just three weeks after her wedding to Mark.  Two years later she is profoundly Ill, in debilitating pain, and struggling with many tragic symptoms of MS.  After a move from San Francisco to Los Angeles, she begins to acquire new support, Western medical doctors as well as numerous Eastern and alternative practitioners.  Her doctors decide, jointly with Cami and Mark, to take her off all but one of the 15 or 20 prescriptions she is on, and detox during an eight-day stay in a psychiatric wing.  This is not the first time Cami has had to detox.

Along the way, her spiritual mentor and friend Mbali suggested she try 29 days of mindful giving.  A gift a day ... the value is inconsequential ...  it must be given with gratitude, from a place of abundance and not scarcity, mindfully, and from the heart.  This is the story of Cami’s 29 days on this enlightening, healing, joyful journey.

No surprise, I found this book inspiring.  I am intrigued by the idea of 29 days of gift-giving! Though I don’t know how to accomplish it during these days of seeing few people and not baking or otherwise touching objects to give away.  I am camping right now, but when I have internet access again, I am going to www.29gifts.org and seeing what I can learn about how people embark on this journey during a pandemic.  September 1 sounds like a good day to begin!  This books was on some “how to feel better” list during Covid.  I think it is worthwhile, though may not appeal to everyone.


3 responses on “29 Gifts

  1. Sigal

    Andrea, I would love to hear about the journey you make starting Sept 1. You can consider sharing this journey as one of the gifts. Love, sigal

  2. Sigal

    Andrea, I would love to hear about the journey you start in September 1st. I’m sure there are many of us who would love to get a daily email from you about the gifts and your insights. You can consider that one of the 29 gifts. Love, Sigal

    1. Andrea Sigetich Post author

      I am uncertain I will do this now. It is hard to figure out how to do it in the time of Covid, and there is a problem with her site. Nevertheless, it is an inspiring read.