Charlotte’s Web

E. B White

Children's Fantasy 1952 | 184 pages


I cannot clearly see why NYT selected this book as the tale to read when one is 78 years old!  I suspect it has something to do with reminding us jaded old folks about the importance of love, friendship, caring, and humble, radiant, giving and receiving.  I shed a tear at the end.

Charlotte’s Web is, of course, a child's tale.  Did you read it when you were young?  I missed this gracious story about animals in a barnyard who talk with one another (Well, it is a “possibility, - ility,- ility” according to the goose!), and how the spider Charlotte saves the pig Wilbur from becoming Christmas dinner.

Charlotte’s Web is delightful, sweet, tender.  Read or reread it whether you are 30 or 90 to reawaken your heart.

February 2023



3 responses on “Charlotte’s Web

  1. Marcia

    Thanks for the Charlotte’s Web recommendation, Andrea. I did read it before also but I think I was an adult already when I did. Lovely book though….I might take your advice and read it again some day 🙂

  2. Michelle

    I _think_ this was my first official “chapter book”, and we took a special trip to a bookstore to get it.

    Sweet memory.