Dr. Futurity

Phillip K. Dick |  Science Fiction


A friend of mine, Ralph, brought this book to water aerobics, because he knew I was a fan of time travel books.  And Dr. Futurity is a time travel book, about a physician who inadvertently finds himself hundreds of years in the future, in a society where death is zealously embraced, and saving lives is illegal.

While there is time travel at the core of this book, it really is science fiction, a genre of fiction in which the stories often tell about science and technology of the future.  Fantastical technological situations, objects, and advances occur.  I am reminded that I am not a fan of science fiction.  I am much more intrigued by the shifts and complexities of people’s relationships in time travel novels.

So, I cannot recommend this book, however I am fascinated to hear if you are a science fiction fan and a consumer of Phillip K. Dick novels and what you enjoy about them.  I would love to hear what else you might recommend by him.  With 44 books, it is hard to choose, should I decide to.  Please let us know!