The Book of Life

Deborah Harkness |  Fiction


This is the third and final book in the All Souls Trilogy. I sped through this book; it entertained me completely.  One friend said she found it dark – well, yes, quite a few souls are killed to free up the new generation.  One friend didn’t like the ending – I found it satisfying myself.

What I most like about Harkness’ deep writing is her ability to make me laugh every once in a while.  I still giggle now recalling Chapter 10 when the witches could not get Fleetwood Mac to stop playing everywhere.  “I hate Rumours!” exclaims witch Sarah.  I think it would behoove Harkness’ style if she found a way to insert just a tiny bit more humor.  She goes deep into relationships; this book has a lot of action (my criticism of the second book, Shadow of Night, was the lack of action); and she builds a creative story line.  If I smiled once or twice more, I feel it would relieve some of the tension of the conflicts.

I definitely recommend The Book of Life, but start at the beginning with the first book,  A Discovery of Witches.