The Cruelest Month

Louise Penny | Fiction 2007

311 pages


As with my other two Louise Penny reviews, Still Life and A Fatal Grace, I enjoy the village of Three Pines near Montreal and it’s delightful residents, and Armand Gamache, the Chief Inspector who shows up for every murder; but I don't find her stories quite compelling enough.  They are sweet mysteries.  Again, I will use the word “gentle.”  If you are a Penny fan, and I know some of you are, The Cruelest Month is as good as Penny delivers ... you will enjoy.  There is an important denouement in this book.

This is my 11th book completed in the time of quarantine.  I am looking forward to picking #12.  I still have my (dwindling) pile of unread books stacked with their spines against the wall, so this afternoon I will pick at random my next read!




2 responses on “The Cruelest Month

  1. Melinda and James Curran

    I totally agree with your comment about Louise Penny’s books being “gentle”….
    Maybe too much sugar and not enough salt.