The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

Stephen King

Fiction 1999 | 262 pages


Trisha, nine years old, is on a hike with her older brother and mother, who are arguing so much and so vociferously, they do not hear her say she is stopping to pee.  She goes off the trail to pee, and since she is at a Y, she decides to go cross country a bit, just to pick up the other trail.  She hears voices on both trails.  But she never finds the other trail.

At nine-years-old, she is resourceful and smart.  She makes her tuna sandwich and Twinkies last a few days, and then she finds checkerberries, beechnuts, and fiddleheads to help sustain her.  Though one of these, or drinking straight from the stream, sends her belly on a roller coaster.

She is out for a week and walks miles and miles away from the search site, well into New Hampshire and up the chimney.  Of course, the mishaps are way too many to mention, but do include bug bites, falling, dead deer, torrential rain, swamps, and occasional tears.

Her passion is for Tom Gordon, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.  She has her Walkman with her and is able to listen to three Red Sox games before it dies.  Tom Gordon is with her, encouraging her on, keeping her sane .... though it is all fantasy in her mind.  As is the evil "thing" that she imagines is out to get her, out there in the woods.

The typical King horror is downplayed in this book.  It consists of what a nine-year-old girl imagines in her mind, and the simple but challenging horrors of being lost in the woods.  There is no axe murderer or rapist following her.

I love Trisha!  She does not do everything perfect, but what a survivor she is, out for over a week until she finally sees a person.  I wonder if I would be as strong, committed, and brilliant as she is.

This is a great Stephen King novel.  He is such a good writer!  If you know other novels of his that are not filled with gore and real terror, and over-zealous bad guys, please let me know.  I would be glad to try another.

December 2023




3 responses on “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

  1. Kathleen

    Okay then…this one is on my list! I love his writing too.

    Andrea, are you the one who recommended Matt Haig? I’m just finishing up The Humans and I honestly hate to have it end. It’s reminding me how to Love (with rapt attention) and how to Hope (with undying dedication). And it brought me tears of laughter!

    1. Andrea Sigetich Post author

      Matt Haig? Is the book The Humans? I don’t know it …. I better go look!

  2. mary crawford

    This book was suggested to me years ago and I approached with some trepidation. Really enjoyed it. I wish I could recommend another similar King book.