The Mirror Pond Murders

Ted Haynes

Fiction 2019 | 236 pages


While dredging Mirror Pond in downtown Bend, a skull is found.  It is a young woman.  Who was she and how did she arrive here?  She has an interesting story, all wrapped up in who her relatives are, the cities of Bend and Prineville, and Rajneeshpuram.

As with the last Haynes' book I read, the Mt. Bachelor Murders, Haynes begins with a good solid mystery, but then confounds the story by adding murder after murder and crime after crime into it.  Again, the story is overly complex and poorly written.

The only reason to read these Haynes books is to enjoy the city of Bend, Bend history and stories, the vividness of the Bend topography.  Otherwise, I do not recommend.

October 2022