Steven King |  Fiction


Jake Epping, a reluctant time traveler, travels to September 9, 1958, multiple times to prevent the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  Of course, the butterfly effect causes changes in the present-day world (2011) and the past is “obdurate” and not wanting to change.  As a result, Jake must come back home a few times and then return to the “Land of Ago.”

I loved this book!  It is King at his best non-horror writing. I learned quite a bit about the Kennedy assassination and the days and months leading up to it.  He must have done significant research to create this tale.  It is a book for which occasionally you will grab your phone and Google a historical figure or place, to learn more about context.

Be warned, 11/22/63 is LONG.  My copy was 1031 pages. The paperbark is 849.  As with all long books, there were a few pages in the middle where I began to tire, but I knew that was more about me than the writing.  I definitely recommend 11/22/63.