The President is Missing

Bill Clinton & James Patterson |  Fiction


Ah, I breathe a sigh of relief after the last James Patterson I read (see my review on Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas)  This is James Patterson back at his best.  Just enough complexity and intrigue; a page turner near the end; relationships that have soul and heart; a vivid plot; a noticeable number of strong women characters; the stark reality that may come from having an ex-President as your co-author.

The President is Missing (wishful thinking?) is about a potential crisis of epic proportions.  It takes great creativity to imagine this crisis ... clever and scary, beyond a doubt.  And President Jon Duncan is the only person who can prevent the crisis.  Hold your breath!

My only criticism is slight ... I believe the book is mis-titled.  It gives the impression that the President has been kidnapped and cannot be located.  That is not the story line.  The plot is richer and more interesting than a kidnapping.  I might have titled it Dark Ages.  Let us know what your title is, after you read The President is Missing, which I DO recommend!

2 responses on “The President is Missing

  1. Charlene A. Rynders

    This book must have been a better read than a listen. I listened the the VERY long audiobook and I felt like I was listening to another VERY long Bill Clinton speech. (Not that I don’t like Bill Clinton.) It felt really preachy to me and way too long to listen too. Both Greg and I wanted it to end at least 3 times before it did. 🙂

    1. Andrea Sigetich Post author

      How interesting! It read much more like a Patterson than a Clinton to me! Thanks for your perspective, Charlene!