The Red Car

Marcy Dermansky |  Fiction


This is an absurd book.  I will venture to call it dumb.  It has a story-line that is not believable, a primary character I didn’t like and didn't care about, and a red car that is possessed.  Don’t even consider it. 

(Yes, I finished it.  I kept hoping.  This is a Huffington Post recommendation.  Hmmm, causes me to look askance at their recommendations.)




2 responses on “The Red Car

  1. Mary C Crawford

    So why does it rate 2 hearts. Seems like a no-hearter. Maybe you need a negative symbol. Trash can??

    1. Andrea Sigetich Post author

      ‘Cause this is the rating scale, for good or for bad!:

      4 hearts: Like it a lot or loved it; I recommend it; put it on your list!
      3 hearts: Like it; I recommend, with some reservations.
      2 hearts: I don’t recommend it, though it was compelling enough for me to finish reading.
      1 heart: I couldn’t get through it