The Silent Sister

Diane Chamberlain | Fiction


You could make a shawl to wear on your shoulders if you wove together all the secrets in the MacPhearson family.  When Riley MacPhearson returns home after her father's death to manage his estate, she discovers and uncovers lies and secrets surrounding her older sister's suicide, more than 20 years earlier.  These emerging lies and secrets are the backbone of Chamberlain's novel, The Silent Sister.

This is a “lose yourself in the story” kind of novel.  At one point, about two-thirds of the way through, I had to tell myself to turn off the light and get some sleep.  It is a well-crafted tale, and you will find yourself eager to discover the resolution of the mysteries.

My friend Rene recommended this book to me.  Thank you, Rene.  This was a good book as the days shorten and turn cold and I find more time to read with my dogs snuggled up against me.

2 responses on “The Silent Sister

  1. Charlene Rynders

    I read this book and another one by this author. I too had to make myself go to sleep, which I never do.