The Women’s Murder Club Series

James Patterson  |  Fiction


I am not going to post about each of the 15 books (so far?) in this series.  Suffice it to say, they are fun reads, if you like mysteries, intrigue, solving thorny problems, and smart women!  Excellent for long plane rides.  The miles fly by (no pun intended.  Ouch.)  I suspect these are also good beach reads, but it has been so many years since I lived near a beach, I can't attest to that as fact.

I am wending my way through the series.  #3 is on my book pile right now.  Enjoy!





2 responses on “The Women’s Murder Club Series

  1. Donna

    I had grown tired of James Patterson’s novels. However, it was funny that while I was in North Carolina feeding, burping and changing diapers for my newest great grandson, I found 7 of the Women’s Murder Club novels in the bookshelf. By the time I returned to Pittsburgh I had read the first 3. While I generally ban serial killer-type novels, these were quite good.