Women Rowing North

Mary Pipher  |  Nonfiction 2019

Washington Post “100 Books for the Ages” Age 76 (and various friends)

It just didn’t interest me very much to read about the challenges of women growing older, even when the author threw in a few ideas for solutions.  I don’t really want or need a self-help book at this juncture.  I look forward to hearing perspectives from those of you who love this book!!



6 responses on “Women Rowing North

  1. Donna Billings

    Like you, I was bored with this book, found myself skimming to the point I just gave up. Usually I can find at least one nugget of learning in everything I read. Sorry. Not this book.

    1. Andrea Sigetich Post author

      I don’t mean to laud our expertise, or set ourselves apart, but there is something about being a highly experienced coach that makes all “self help” books really boring … there is nothing new in them. I guess you and I suffer from that, Donna. It is like a professional football player being taught how to hold the ball.

  2. Laurie

    I just finished reading this book after having it sit on my night stand for months. I found it difficult to get into but really enjoyed her perspectives in the last few chapters. Gave me incentive to get out there and live life no matter what my age is.

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