Tara Austen Weaver

Nonfiction 2022 | 140 pages


When the gopher finally ran away from my yard for good, the rabbits moved in.  I love my wild cottontails.  Cuter than cute, and fun for the dogs!  But rabbits eat every annual I could plant, within 24 hours.  An internet search led me to dahlias, apparently not a favorite for bunnies’ taste buds. I unexpectedly and unintentionally fell in love.  Dahlias are truly amazing flowers and bearers of joy, grace, astounding variety, and beauty.

As the long blooming season winds down, I am inspired to learn a bit more about my new passion.  After Thom, the dogs, and I visited Wild Swan Dahlias, the largest commercial dahlia farm in the US, just over the mountains in Canby, Oregon, he bought me Dahlias: A Little Book of Flowers. This is a short, sweet start, and I KNOW there will be another dahlia book or two under the tree come December.  Perhaps soon I will be able to explain the eight (nine?) different categories of dahlias, which hold literally thousands of varieties, as any grower can create hybrids.

If you have neither a clue about nor an apparent interest in dahlias, you still may very well find pleasure in the watercolor-painted dahlias pictured throughout this small book.  Enjoy!  (Be careful, though.  Love may capture your heart too!  And your yard will never be the same!)

Thank you, Thom.

October 2022