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After hearing from some of you that you don't see replies to your comments, I did some research. It is below.  If this doesn't help, I will contact my web designer and see if there is something else to be fixed!


Comment Notification Email

If comment notifications are enabled, the post author will receive an email when a new comment is left on a post they wrote. Comment notification emails are sent to the post author at their account’s email address.

You can choose to receive an email for every comment or just for comments that are held for moderation. You can change these options from the Settings → Discussion page:

E-mail me whenever:

  • Anyone posts a comment
  • A comment is held for moderation

The comment notification email has all of the information about the comment including the title, author, email, URL, IP address, comment contents, and links to approve, delete, or mark the comment as spam.

Who receives comment notifications and can moderate comments?

  • Contributors don’t receive comment notifications and can’t moderate any comments
  • Authors receive comment notifications for, and can moderate comments on, only posts for which they’re the “author”
  • Editors receive comment notifications only for posts for which they’re the “author”, but can moderate any comments
  • Site owners receive comment notifications for all posts, and can moderate any comments. Other site administrators will not receive comment notifications unless they a) have written the post, or b) have followed the site and opted-in to receive notifications for all comments on the site. Following the site will only launch notification emails for published comments, not comments in the moderation queue.

As an Administrator, you can add or edit users in Users → All Users in your dashboard.

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Can I reply to comment notification emails?

If you turn on the comment reply by email feature on the Settings > Discussion page, you can reply directly to comments from the email notification messages. Make sure to include the quoted comment message or use the !END delimiter when you reply to comments by email.

See the Comment Reply via Email help page for more details.

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What if the emails aren't getting through?

If you’re not receiving comment notification emails:

  • First check to make sure you are the author on the post where the comments are getting added.
  • Check the Settings → Discussion page to make sure email notifications are turned on.
  • Check the spam/junk folder in your email program to make sure the messages weren’t filed there by mistake.

If you are still having trouble, contact support for help and please include an example of a post URL where you expected to receive a comment notification.

One response on “For my Blog Readers

  1. Mary C Crawford

    I read this but am still not sure what to do. I checked Settings in gmail and I don’t see anything about Discussions. I have already checked my spam and junk mail folders and replies are not going there. Is there somewhere on Dusty Shelves that I should be checking Settings > Discussions?
    Are you notified when I post a comment? Wondering because a couple of days ago I posted on both Hillbilly Elegy and Homegoing. You commented on my Hillbilly Elegy comments (and no, I wasn’t notified of your comment) but said nothing about Homegoing. It doesn’t matter to me if you chose not to comment but you usually do. So wondering if you are getting notices for books reviewed earlier but receive comments several weeks later.
    Just trying to help make this work for you!