How to Make Your Money Last

Jane Bryant Quinn| Nonfiction 2015


Fortuitously, this book crossed my radar on the same day I took my very first payout from my retirement funds.  Yikes!  So, I decided to read it.  And I am grateful that I did.  I know Jane Bryant Quinn is the financial-advice-in-print wizard.  Somehow, this book felt right at this time.

The book is well-designed.  Quinn and her publisher provide excellent bold titles to every section, so you can pick and choose what to read.  I skipped the section on when to take your Social Security, because that decision I have already made.  I passed over the “implications if you are married” parts, because they are now irrelevant.

Yes, she does address preretirement planning, but she also writes a lot about post-retirement and how to plan your withdrawals and RMDs and re-balancing to ensure the greatest benefit.  Two strategies I am quite intrigued by now are immediate-pay annuities and taking a reverse mortgage as a credit line very early in retirement, but not tapping it for a few years.

You will find something of value in here, if you peruse based on your own age, circumstances, and needs. I recommend a pause to reflect on your finances, with How to Make Your Money Last.