The Life We Bury

Allen Eskens | Fiction 2014


Joe Talbert is a college student with an English class assignment to interview a person and write their biography.  With no living relatives other than his dysfunctional mother and a younger brother who has autism, Joe goes looking for someone interesting to interview.  He finds Carl, a Vietnam-era war hero and an accused rapist and murderer who, after 30 years in prison, has been released to a care facility to die from cancer.  Soon Joe is embroiled in Carl’s story and, believing Carl to be innocent of the rape and murder, he embarks upon a search to find the actual perpetrator and clear Carl's record and reputation before he dies.

This novel is fast-paced and an interesting twist on a suspense novel.  Allen Eskers is a criminal defense attorney with an MFA in creative writing and writes excellent suspense.  My friend Charlene recommended Eskers to me.  She said he is one of her current favorite authors, and I can see why.  I have already put another Esker’s book on my library list.  Charlene recommended The Life We Bury to me, and I in turn recommend it to you.