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In 1785 the Boussole and the Astrolabe set sail from France under the leadership of Jean-François de Galaup de Lapérouse.   For three years the expedition of two frigates and 200 men attempt to circumnavigate the globe for science and for "the glory of France."  This inventive novel is based upon their journey.

Landfalls explores the indigenous peoples the expedition encounters, the science the savants on board attempt to learn, and the relationships of the men.  Though there is a structure ... each chapter tells about the adventure from a different point of view and from a different place upon the earth ... the author, Naomi J. Williams, weaves this structure together with a true story-teller's expertise.  It isn't even obvious that this is the structure she is following.  As a reader, you are simply swept along on the journey.

Once again, I must say, this is a remarkable first novel!  Williams richly develops her characters.  She avoids the caricatures we may have in our minds about long-ago sailors.  No one is brutal.  Drunkenness is not a major element of her story.  Instead, these are real men on a real journey trying to do real work.  I think one secret to her magic is how she incorporates the scientific curiosity of the sailors.  I love the arguments about the value (or not) of fresh water.  I am intrigued that sailing expeditions had ship's artists to capture plants, animals, land formations and people.  

Landfalls (an apt and descriptive title) is definitely worth your time.  Your imagination and your curiosity will be grateful.


3 responses on “Landfalls

  1. Leslie Koc

    I agree with everything you said Andrea. My evening book group read this book last month and were fortunate to have the author, Naomi Williams, join us for the discussion night. First I’ll say that members either really liked the book or really didn’t like the book. Those who didn’t said they were put off by the different writing perspective of each chapter by a different character. (More on that later.)
    Naomi is a bundle of energy who was very generous with her insights on the writing of this book and authoring books in general. For those of you who enjoyed the book, yes there is another book in the making.
    Landfalls was originally as separate short stories and those who read them encouraged her to put it together to the book you read today. Naomi took those stories she had already written and added the other characters of the journey. Yes, she did intend for each chapter to stand alone in a different person and style.
    For those of you unsure if feedback to an author is listened to, at least that’s affirmative with Naomi. From the first to the second edition, a list of characters has been added to the front of the book to accompany the map.
    My recommendation is to read the book. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

    1. Andrea Sigetich Post author

      Thanks for your wonderful insight, Leslie! Is Naomi Williams local?