Jane Smiley  |  Fiction

1995, 414 pages

204 pages in, and I just must quit.  I really tried.  The characters in this novel about a fictional Midwest University are universally forgettable.  I mean, I forget who is who in-between chapters.  I keep looking for a list of characters and their roles, and there is not one.  There are too many to keep straight, and there is NO plot of any interest at all.  Of course, it goes without saying that I have not laughed at this ”humorous” novel once. Some of the relationships are interesting for a chapter or two, especially when there is a sexual connection.  I really tried.  My apologies, Teresa.  Too many days and my entire weekend slogging through this book have left me vacuous.  I must find something engaging to read. Now!

Posted 2/21




3 responses on “Moo

  1. Deby

    I had the same reaction to Moo. I think you maybe made it further than me. :^) Unfortunately, this has also made me shy away from any other books by Jane Smiley. I do not get the fascination with this work.

  2. Teresa Rozic

    Well, you got farther than I did.
    I wanted something engaging also. I’m enjoying Buddha Takes the Mound, Enlightenment in Nine Innings, by Donald Lopez. I don’t know if you’d like it, but I do!

    1. Andrea Sigetich Post author

      I thought you loaned me books that you LOVED! I was trying to complete it, to see what you loved about it! My misunderstanding. I will put Buddha on the mound on my library list!