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Nancy Pearl, librarian, critic, commentator, and author, is credited with inventing the Rule of 50, plus it's addendum.  The rule states that if there are no firecrackers by page 50, put the book down.  The addendum is that for every year you are over 50, subtract one page.  So for me, as of a few weeks ago, I can now stop at 35 pages.

I made it to 42.  I found every single sentence in Priestdaddy to be overwritten.  Like this (page 38):  “Great mermaids flowed through the streets: southerners.”  And this, page 25, “He had the small, neat, unjudgmental ears of a teddy bear.”  Huh?  Unjudgmental ears? 

Then I read the reviews on the back that declare this book to be hilarious and I knew my fatal flaw had kicked in.  I had not even smiled once, much less laughed.

So, my apologies to my friend who recommended this book, and who shall remain nameless so as not to sully her fine reputation (I love you still, friend C).  And I am moving on.

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