The Dry

Jane Harper | Fiction


It has been 20 years since Federal Agent Aaron Falk has been to his home town, the drought-stricken Kiewarra, five hours from Melbourne.  But when his childhood friend Luke dies, and Luke's wife and son are murdered, Falk returns, compelled by a note from Luke’s father that reads, “Luke lied.  You lied.  Be at the funeral.”

There is a strong story line and quite well-developed characters in this debut novel. It is a very good read, when you want a mystery in-between other book journeys you are on. The plot is complex and, yes, I think the resolution is a surprise.

I gave it three hearts because I found it a bit slow.  Despite what some other reviewers write, I did not find this novel a page turner.  Good story, good writing, but It was easy for me to put it down on the table.  

If you like mysteries, or Australia, or debut novels, you will likely enjoy The Dry.

4 responses on “The Dry

  1. Sigal

    Hi Andrea. I’m writing a book too now and I want it to be a page turner. I’d really value your opinion. What do you think makes a page turner. What does the writer need to do? Is there anything you’ve identified?

      1. Sigal

        Oy just saw that you replied.
        I’m writing fiction. Historical. About a monk in the 15th century in Spain who saves a Jewish boy when the Jews are expelled from Spain. Lots of research.
        But my writing is a bit slow. Just wondering what makes a page turner for you.

        1. Andrea Sigetich Post author

          Hard to answer … a page turner requires smooth, but not necessarily beautiful, writing. I think more than anything the writing makes me want to know more, or to see what happens next. A sense of urgency, of wondering, of need-to-know.

          If you wish, send me a few pages for literary criticism!! But don’t feel like you have to.

          ANYONE ELSE? What makes a book a page turner for you?