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Yes, I'm traveling outside my own box here and reviewing a movie, Wonder Woman, viewed yesterday with my friend Deby.  There's a lot of hype about this movie, especially from, about and for women.  And hype it is.

I enjoyed the first two-thirds or so.  I thought the story of Wonder Woman's roots in the community of Amazons, and the visual imagery in this portion were both quite beautiful.  I also quite enjoyed her transition to London, and her wonder (no pun intended) at this world of men, poverty, filth, cars, fashion and general malaise. 

But then Wonder Woman saves the world. And again. And again.  There was too much violence for me in the last third and, more important, the fighting sequences became boring.  I was anxious for it to be over.  There is a bit of a twist, but I saw it coming, so even that little surprise fell flat for me.  My chair was squeaking in the theater, so I was trying to be really quiet and sit perfectly still and it was HARD. 

So, IMHO, see it, but don't expect to walk out awed.  Or inspired to save the world.

4 responses on “Wonder Woman

  1. Charlene

    Thanks for this timely review. I was going to try to see before our trip but now based on your comments I will wait until I can get in on-line.

  2. Mary C Crawford

    Not into super hero or heroine movies. The implausibility of the plots and the violence that seems to be essential to the story is a total turn-off for me.

    I like that you are going outside the box and offering movie reviews!

  3. Leslie

    I just saw the movie today and have a different perspective or expectation for the movie. It’s a takeoff on the comic hero and this case a Wonder Woman. The visuals were quite good and the sound, well, I guess it goes with the territory. The ending definitely sets it up for a sequel or two or more. The movie previews included a movie with Bat Man, Aqua Man and Wonder Woman. There is a lot of positive conversation outside the movie about the female director, Patty Jenkins (or close to that name).
    Definitely see it in the 3D version. The visuals are a plus to the movie

    1. Andrea Sigetich Post author

      Ah, I love different perspectives!! Thanks, Leslie! More inspiration for others to see it and opine!