Inside of a Dog

Alexandra Horowitz

Nonfiction 2009 | 362 pages


I found this book fascinating, cover to cover.  Horowitz is a cognitive scientist and she reports on significant dog research, introducing me to the concept of umwelt (an organism's unique view of the world; how they interact with the environment); addressing what we have discovered about how dogs communicate with one another and us; how they see, smell, and hear; how and why they bond; what they learn and how they learn it; how they change as they age; and other topics.  She intersperses the research with tales about her own dog Pump (aka Pumpernickel) and frequent humor.

I read Inside of a Dog with thought and considerable interest.  The only criticism I have is that it is so chock-full of information, it will be difficult to retain much.

Goodreads readers were not nearly so enamored.  3.6 on their 5.0 scale is not glowing. Many found Inside of a Dog boring and long-winded.  I did not!  I recommend this book strongly if you are a dog lover.  If you love it or if it bores you to tears, either way, please leave your comments!

November 2022