The Thursday Murder Club

Richard Osman

Fiction 2020 | 355 pages


Four septuagenarians in the retirement community of Cooper’s Chase in Kent England, meet every Thursday afternoon over bottles of wine to discuss and attempt to solve cold case files, until they are faced with two actual present-day murders and one mysterious skeleton.  Joyce, Elizabeth, Red Ron Ritchie and Ibrahim each bring his or her own skills and experience to the group.  The mystery ensues as they attempt to discover the murderer(s), occasionally informing the police of their efforts!

The characters are dedicated sleuths, and yet, Osman's writing is quite fun.  He develops his characters well; each has a unique and interesting personality.  The story brings to mind Louise Penny's Armand Gamache series.

While sitting on the podiatrist's office, another woman in the waiting room said to me, "Oh, you are reading The Thursday Murder Club!"  She read it, enjoyed it, and then told me there are four more in a series.  As an aside, I do appreciate the dying craft of people reading books they hold in their hands ... it often leads to meaningful literary conversation!

This is fun, light reading for the dog days (or the smoky days, depending upon where you live).  No hidden or important messages ... just pure entertainment.  Recommended by NPR. I have just requested the second book in the series, The Man Who Died Twice, from the library.  I recommend The Thursday Murder Club for your enjoyment.

August 2023

2 responses on “The Thursday Murder Club

  1. David Sigetich

    This sounds like fun. I am reading a series of books by James Patterson. Series titled “The Women’s Murder Club.” Four friends meet to discuss their murders: a police sergeant, the coroner, a crime reporter, and a DA. They also talk about husbands, boyfriends, children… Excellent series.

  2. Mary Crawford

    I have also discovered this series. Am currently reading the second one – The Man Who Died Twice. Loving them – sometimes I chuckle and even laugh out loud, especially with Joyce. I’m doing these as audiobooks. Currently they have an excellent reader – Leslie Manville. Her work enhances the story.